Corey Hitchcock, MFA Architectural Colorist






How it works, and an endorsement:

'I found Corey on the internet and was able to work with her remotely for color on our exterior. Painting the outside of your home is a big and expensive decision that you live with for many years. Corey was great, due to her excellent background as a colorist and great communication skills.'

'I took photos of our home and sent them to her via email,
then she went to work and gave us a color palette with specific colors to sample from the paint store. We were a bit concerned with the body color at first- thinking it might be too yellow; In the end, the house looks lovely! .. we have received so many compliments on the color scheme. People have even stopped on the street to ask what colors we used. It fits very well with our home and we all love it.
I found Corey to be very easy to work with and a great value for her skills.'
A. Richards, Santa Cruz.

RENDERINGS from elevations
sushi bar
Rendering above: Rocket Fish Sushi, San Francis

Rockridge Craftsman - Grey Green, natural door with vibrant & dark olive trims

Saratoga Inn Place Condominium complex exterior


Onsite Color Consultations:

Basic two hour residential interior consults provide: palette color selection from larger sample boards and accurate chips, manufacturer's paint base numbers, desired finishes, or custom mixes, clarification of painters' lines or breaks for trim and architectural features & any additional color notes. I usually create brief sketches for exteriors or complex interiors.
More detailed conceptual renderings, tile and masonry designs, large color sample boards
and custom color mixing are also available at additional hourly rate.

Commercial Interior: varies with location & focus. Call for estimates 510.524.9575 or 530.273.8081

Remote Exterior color from your photos:
( Victorian & Edwardian excepted).
Includes all paint colors, finishes, sketches for paint breaks, some rough rendering and directions on how to paint swatches, review of photos, talk with painters. See the endorsement above left.

Exterior Color Consults onsite:
Residential single unit:
Call for details on variation in fees. This is because some residential or commercial exteriors are very complex and require renderings for painters and owners to understand how the scheme will work. i.e. victorian facades with 6 plus colors. Renderings of elevations are additional.
Commercial Single or Multiple Unit Residential - Condominium complexes: call me for estimates: 510.524.9575 or 530.273.8081

On-site palette solutions are created with attention to details of: architecture, design style, materials, lighting - ambient, natural or reflective, spatial considerations, function, furnishings, fixtures and any other site-specific influences.

'I strive to create a a positive, creative, expansive atmosphere for us to find exciting solutions. Color selection is an important part of finishing your project, because it establishes how you will enjoy and live in the spaces you have carefully designed. It deserves time and space. So stop the 'production clock' and allow this fun process to unfold.''


I can give you an estimate to work with you on a complete project basis, supplying overall initial palettes and on-site sessions we think we will require to get the job done well.

Or we can work session to session on my two hour consult minimum. I will travel with you to help you select stone, tile carpet or other features at the various outlets or from samples

Remodeling and Home Design
for interiors

Fine art print with cocoa wall in music room