Corey Hitchcock
, MFA Architectural Colorist







'I am a visual artist who discovered the study and beauty of surface color while remodeling my own Berkeley residence in the 1980's. I began to realize I had to discard everything I thought I knew about color in art, to achieve intended results on walls! '

More comments:
"Corey taught me some important lessons… the bright golden hue in the livingroom could extend into the adjoining dining room and meet another color for the other two walls. There is a point in the dining room where the three colors meet; I must admit it is quite impressive."

Warm greys and fine art meld in modern kitchen
"We are all creatures of habit and changes to any and all habits can be very difficult. … at some point, there has to be a leap of faith. I found that re-coloring your home, and office, or business establishment can be very exhilarating and exciting. "
Phillip Gardiner, Oakland

In both the kitchen and the bathroom, Corey suggested one color overall, (ceiling too) stating that it would add height and at the same time oneness to the rooms.  She was right on both counts. But, probably most impressive was the unique wall-to-wall carpet she picked out for me that goes with both rooms and the hall; simply amazing.  The gold-flecked, greenish, thick rug has been a real hit. "

A cozy nook in this West berkeley home, for watching movies, reading
and listening to music. Complimentary color scheme allows the
outdoors inside.

Warm naples yellow ceiling and walls creates an inviting and
restful bedroom day or night

Warm rich grey envelops this modern living room with
spacious vaulted ceiling in Pleasanton .


'Light and space caused flat surface colors to change and gather dimension moment by moment, throughout the day, as the sun traveled across the rooms. What began as a personal project became a lifelong interest and a consuming professional pursuit. '

We wanted you to turn the interior of our home into a "wow" experience. You nailed it! We are very happy with the result.  The next time you are in the East Bay, please come see us to share in the experience. Again, thank you." Brad & Carol Davis Walnut Creek
This San Francisco Marina District Italiante apartment building got a color facelift with metallic touches that makes it shine on its block.

The new colors on the apartment building (Marina district SF)exterior look absolutely beautiful! The color choices you selected work so well with the red brick and the entire building looks very sophisticated!  Thank you so much for your artistic/creative advice. The entry way absolutely sparkles. We are delighted with your suggestions",
Ms. Beth Markus SF

My home tends to mirror my Spirit. I was in need of healing and so was my home. It is tiny, only 912 sq feet. I've lived with off-white walls as I had lived with many ideas that no longer served me, believing that it would make it look larger. Corey's gifts are countless....she guided me through a process; at the end I had colors for every room in my nest. My ideas changed many times through the renovation; the only constant was the chosen colors. It was a leap of faith for me, but I trusted Corey without reservation. I was awed by the results and so was everyone working on the house or viewing its completion. My home and my Spirit expanded with the color choices. I no longer want to flee the space, and others love being there. I do not have the language to express my appreciation for this transformation. Corey's work will develop the Soul of your space if you have the courage to trust her gifts. She has worked for friends and family too, and all were enchanted by the transformation of their space.
Jean Malbrough, Auburn