Corey Hitchcock, MFA Architectural Colorist






Our Exchange with Color

The colors we choose to surround ourselves with - to live with, have a profound affect on the ways in which we think, feel, relax, carry out business and relate to the world at large. Your interior rooms attune to the way you live your life, just as the exterior of your home or office reflects your alignment with your neighborhood


We have a complex, 'holistic' - mind, body, spirit response to color, especially when they surround us in a room. Choosing from a myriad of tiny color swatches can be frustrating, or confusing for our logical brains. Color is really about the body, our sensory selves. Because the main component of color is light, the ways your space is illuminated and the color of that reflective or ambient light is essential to consider when selecting palettes.

 Contemplating a change in your color environment requires forgetting what you 'know' about color and letting yourself 'feel' your way to the right hue.

Creative color selection for each interiors helps celebrate the overall design and flow of the larger structure, the specific qualities of space and light, the room's position in the building as well as the daily interactions that take place there.